MSH Country Representative for South Africa

 Bada Pharasi, MSH Country Representative for South Africa (Photo Credit: Irene Abdou)

Bada Pharasi, MSH Country Representative for South Africa (Photo Credit: Irene Abdou)

“I take immense pride in leading a team that has made a vast difference in the lives of pharmacy managers and pharmacists in the country's public sector.”

I grew up in South Africa under apartheid. Early in my career, as an exile, I did my pharmacy internship in Zimbabwe, five years after that country’s independence, when they started implementing their Essential Drugs Action Program. I was exposed to a whole new world of health services delivery and it had a major influence on the next stage of my work back in South Africa.

I look back at the 1990s with pride. I was able to contribute to two major developments: encouraging stakeholders to brainstorm on medicinal policy issues and leading the development and implementation of South Africa’s National Drug Policy.

All of this helped prepare me for my work at MSH, where we are working hard to strengthen health systems and turn the promise of quality health care for all citizens into reality.

I became aware of MSH’s work when I was working for the National Department of Health in South Africa. I joined MSH in 2004. At that time, MSH occupied a leadership role in pharmaceutical systems strengthening; eleven years later, we are still the leader. 

For example, we deployed a software system, RxSolution, in hospital pharmacies and clinics for inventory management, dispensing, and generating reports to support decisionmaking. Another is the successful implementation of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and the Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Both programs have allowed for innovation and efficiencies that are now built into the management of pharmaceutical services delivery.

In supporting MSH core values to save lives, we in South Africa strive to ensure that our interventions are relevant to local needs and responsive to the priorities of the South African government, while ensuring country ownership and sustainability.


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